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The Most Critical Phase Of Construction actually in the Pre-Renovation Phase.

Think about it: if your client has no idea exactly what they want to achieve, if their vision is even possible, there's nothing researched and no real strategy in place before the project starts...
your client's construction project is going to be WAY more stressful than successful 😅

I believe in being proactive (not reactive), and my Pre-Renovation Checklist helps you take control of the project the moment you begin and line up the critical elements of the project way ahead of time.

Without a strong foundation there will be nothing but chaos, rising costs, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

That is NOT what you or your client wants for the project!

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a proven roadmap to guide you through this critical stage of construction setting your client, the project and YOU up for success.

If you’re ready to give your client's construction project the absolute best jumpstart, this resource is PURE GOLD!

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I’m Renée deVignier Biery of deVignier Design Inc., a Luxury Interior Designer, Podcast Host and Construction Expert. 

Educated at The New York School of Interior Design and employed by AD Top 100 firms, I have seen it all. For the past three decades, I have created a niche expertise in managing large scale construction projects from renovations to new builds. 

Do you know what I'm passionate about? Giving back to the design community... specifically being transparent with tactical advice to fellow designers. Today, I am on a mission to instill confidence in designers through my course, The Interior Designer’s Guide To Construction Management™ - a 6 part digital course and Only Girl On The Jobsite™ podcast which has 100+ episodes. It is my mission to instill confidence and serve designers as they navigate tricky construction projects. 

I've had the honor of being recognized by esteemed publications like the Washington Post and Miami Herald, who have acknowledged my expertise in the industry. Additionally, I had the pleasure of sharing my insights on many podcasts, including LuAnn Nigara's.

Let's work together to elevate your construction project to the next level with skills, knowledge & confidence!

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